Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Sun Peaks Out

The sun peaked out from behind the clouds just before sunset tonight - and was well worth the wait.

Baby girl has an ear infection and a sinus infection - she's on several prescription meds and is to call the doctor if not feeling better by Monday. Token went to the doggy beauty shop today and is, once again, the cutest dog evah. He had gotten very shaggy looking and his white eyebrows and the rest of his face was hidden by his overgrown bangs. He smells good and looks good and is strutting about the place as if it was a runway at some fancy fashion show. The groomer sent him home wearing a red bandana with little paw prints on it. He was not real cooperative for the pictures I took when we got home but the groomer said he was very well behaved and sweet.

Had a wee bit of snow last night but not enough to photograph. It melted away fairly quickly this morning. Had off and on raiin showers and/or hail today but the skies are clearing to the west and the weather dood is forecasting a partly sunny day Friday. Woohoo!

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