Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Blogroll Amnesty Day

Today is B.A.D. - time for ya'll to check out all these fine folks (with no blog size discrimination):

Angry Black Bitch


Crime Scene Blog

Down With Tyranny

Last Left Before Hooterville

Mercury Rising

Online Blogintegrity

Ornery Bastard

Outta the Cornfield

Political Teen Tidbits

Progressive Alaska

QC Report

Relaxed Politics - The Beach House

Rising Hegemon

Slobber and Spittle

Spocko's Brain

Steve Audio

Tales of the Freeway Blogger

teh kitteh antidote/ anecdote

The Spy Who Billed Me

Whiskey Fire

Be sure to visit the blogfather of Blogroll Amnesty Day, Skippy.

Yesterday's post sunset color.


  1. Hi Suzanne. Thanks for the mention. BTW, you have the loveliest sunset photos here.

  2. twas my pleasure and thanks cujo

  3. By the way, thanks much!! You're the best!

  4. you are very welcome steve audio - nice seeing ya at twoton :)