Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Run Rudolph Run

Chuck Berry - Run Rudolph Run

Still have some patches of snow on the ground and decks - and a storm coming in tomorrow. An even bigger storm is headed this way and is expected to hit Sunday.

It was 21 outside when I went to bed last nite - but we had a fine sunny day today and actually broke freezing this afternoon - a whopping 36 outside. I was toasty under my covers last night with both critters sharing body heat. I was wearing 3 pair of pj bottoms, 2 shirts and only one sweater and - socks! I can't believe I actually kept the socks on while sleeping (those who know me will be speachless by the admission that I wore socks to bed and kept them on).

Token is now an old hat at snow. Bailey is happier now that there is a path on the deck to the front door that has been cleared of the majority of snow and ice. Token is learning how to pick up speed while sliding but - when he comes back inside, he heads right to the wood stove to warm up.

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