Friday, December 12, 2008

Holy Forking Snow

Holy forking snow! Check out my forecast. Scrolling down the forecast page ya get to the warnings, including this one:

... Arctic air over southwest Washington and northwest Oregon Sunday and next week with some snow possible at times next week...

After the strong storm from Friday and Saturday moves through... Arctic air will spill into southwest Washington and northwest Oregon Sunday... and continue over the area for at least a good part of next week. This will likely be the coldest weather in much
of southwest Washington and northwest Oregon since at least 2004.

Daytime temperatures will fall into the 20s on Sunday mainly in the north as the Arctic air spreads in. The Arctic air will likely reach the southern Willamette Valley area Sunday night and Monday. Daytime highs will then struggle to reach freezing through much of next week. Nighttime lows will drop into at least the teens... with single digits or possibly even below zero in the Cascades.

Some moisture may still be circulating around an upper low near the coast on Sunday and Monday that could produce snow over much of the area. Accumulations are uncertain at this point... but significant accumulations are possible in some areas.

The Arctic air will produce strong east winds through the Columbia River gorge and over the mountains Sunday through about Tuesday. This could drop wind chills in some areas to below zero or even around 10 below zero... especially in the Columbia River gorge and possibly in the Cascades.

There is a possibility of another system in the middle part of next week that could bring more snow to the area as the air mass over southwest Washington and northwest Oregon remains cold.
Oy - there are other warnings too - flood watch, high wind warning. My first winter storm and it looks like its gonna be cold here for more than a day or two.. I went into town today, filled up the car with gas, got tire chains, stocked up on provisions and food. Gonna bring as much wood as I can tomorrow (as well as all outdoor potted plants) before it gets really cold so I can go outside through the weekend and into the week as little as possible.

Token and Bailey's reactions are gonna be interesting. What do you mean you want me to go my business outside in that all that white stuff? Are you forking nuts?

Am all set to hunker down and stay warm.

I wonder within how many days of Christmas does the snow have to be in order for to be considerws a White Christmas?

snowflake photo from how to save a snowflake


  1. Then it's coming here to hammer me.

  2. yup, one fly - its headed your way. i've got snow in my forecast until forking thur. i may, repeat may have one day where my daytime temp reaches above freezing. and i'm at forking sea level. i thought the forking ocean mitigated temps.

  3. Up here in Ocean Park it did snow a bit, and now at quarter to five Sunday its about 30 degrees. Got all the hose bibbs covered, and succeptable plants hauled into the potting shed. Hope all is well there (and at One Fly's place too!).

  4. hey mr natural - we got snow! i posted some pictures upstairs. i got all my plants and those of my landlord's that i could move inside from the decks. its 31 and snowing at 5:47

  5. We got 6-8 which is not a big deal here. Last year the record was broke with 540 some.