Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Hush Fell Over The Land

I woke up to a soft stillness and quiet that I hoped meant what I thought it did. I leaped outta bed at the unheard of hour of 0830 and looked out the window.

Snow! I did a little mini happy dance, put on my slippers, grabbed the camera and took these from the bay deck, through the kitchen windows, and off the kitchen deck.

Then I went back to bed, snuggling under the covers with my critters (yes, that was Token trying to shield himself from the snow on the deck) and went back to sleep. When I woke up for realsies, most of it had melted away. There are still large patches but not even enough for a decent snowball fight.

UPDATE: 5:40pm
- I just looked up and its snowing again. Small flakes softly floating down instead of the wet clumps this morning. Woohoo!!!


  1. Always nice to see (former)Californians discover snow.


  2. thanks db (laughing) tis the first time i have had snow at home - and it is snowing again!!! flakes this time instead of wet clumps. i'm sure i'll get to where this is old hat but for this former californian, i forking jazzed!

  3. It's nice to look at, isn't it? Nice thing about this area is that the snow usually doesn't hang around long enough to get dirty and slushy. If the stuff didn't turn to ice upon hitting the ground, it would be perfect.

  4. thanks cujo - tis my first snow at home - my first snow in oregon -- and token and bailey's first snow evah. it sure is pretty to watch and i lose time even faster than when watching sunsets.

  5. Your snow looks so purdy!
    Our snow looks like crap and the wind is blowing forty fucking miles an hour!

  6. busted, ya better get in the beast and come see it before it gets all ugly (or is disappeared)