Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Spy

The Doors The Spy set to scenes from Dangerous Liaisons.

I'm not buying the bank transaction story that DOJ is trying oh so hard to sell in the Spitzer story. This is another D governor being taken out by the Bush controlled (and therefore R) DOJ - just like the one in Alabama on 60 Minutes. This was a political hit. Gov. Spitzer was stupid and got caught. My beef is with how he got caught - my inner voice is whispering fruit of the poisonous tree.

He forgot that NSA and the GOP vacuum up everything... I know your deepest secret fear. I'm a spy. I can see you. What you do. And I know...


  1. Have been saying this for some time that the reason our side has let the chimp do what ever he wants is because of illegal and various spying activities. When you take a country to war on lies what are a few threats against key congress people. Look out we ain't seen nothing yet.

  2. How's the hand today, Busted Knucklette?

    Sore sombitch I'm thinkin.
    You have my heartfelt sympathies.


    (As in plural)

  3. hey fly and busted

    fly, i agree. i am positive that the GOP and boosh administration have been vacuuming up info, polifical info including, for use against the d. call if blackmail, coersion, enticements, i want to call them convicted criminals.

    busted, it is much better today. perhaps it is not busted, just badly bruised. and the ice did help with the bruising and discoloration - its not so obvious today.