Monday, March 03, 2008

FDL Bear Creek Meetup

We had a blast. I'm too tired to do anything other than post this picture of Token and I that nahant so kindly sent me tonight.

The firepups who attended were:

Teddy SF
Kirk Murphy
Things Come Undone

Four pups were not able to make it due to that nasty flu that is going around. Things Come Undone drove down from Seattle just to attend! Dood certainly got the most miles traveled for this meetup and I think the most miles driven to any of the regional Firepup Meetups.

Token was wearing his lavender sweater with his name tag since he's a pup too. Nahant brought his dog, Tucker and Token and Tucker bonded running down at the beach.


  1. Hopefully today you got to sleep in and catch some rest.
    Someday we will get to meet, it'll happen, in the meantime I'll keep praying that someone is going to fall in love with your little cottage and tell you to hurry up and move .

  2. Slept in but did not sleep well, busted. Still have stuff to clean up from yesterday but instead, I've turned up the Pig and am making a pot of coffee.