Friday, March 07, 2008

Lover, You Dont Treat Me No Good No More

Original video from Sonia Dada for his song Lover, You Dont Treat Me No Good No More.

My pal Busted over at Onery Bastard has given up his blogspot digs and moved over to wordpress. Go over and say hi to him at his shiny new place. I actually got my blogroll updated on the same day that he notified me of the move.


  1. I LOVE this forkin tune!
    Yer startin ta freak me out!
    Our taste in music is eerily similsr, almost exact, 'cept I don't do country and I loves my headbangin shit.
    Other than that, freaky.
    And thanks fer the shout out darlin'.

  2. hahaha - it actually makes sorta sense busted - i am slightly older than you but our early musical influences are similar. i just headed down to the okalahoma river bottom to learn the tenstep when that headbanging shit came out and having two teens shifted me into hiphop - freaked oldest girl out one day when i came blaring down the street, with sir mixalot blaring i like big butts - and it was her mom and not one of her 'cool' friends (wicked grin - gotta keep em guessing)