Monday, February 25, 2008

White Bird

It's A Beautiful Day performing White Bird.

The Saturday showing sent her agent an email and that agent passed it on to my agent who called and read it to me.

She presented two options, both of which were insulting. One was for $249,999 with my carrying a second mortgage and the other was just as insulting but did not have me carrying a second mortgage - it was for assuming my un-assumable mortgage. Both below what I paid for the place. The way she described the repainting that needs to be done (by me of course) along with other insults about my place made it sound like a hovel and was in need of major repairs. Bull dung. The entire house was painted inside and out 2 years ago and I repainted the bathroom and front bedroom before listing it. And, of course, she wanted me to pay all closing costs and she wanted an additional $4,000.00 back out of the deal.

Forking insulting is what it was.

I have a showing scheduled tomorrow at noon. Eyes rolling. Hopefully, I will have been able to pick up all the forks that were flying when my agent called with that insulting drivel.


  1. Hello sweetie, while you are out and about why don't you stop by and pick up the nice new wall hanger I got for ya?

  2. Fork! I gotta share? (laughing) thanks for the love dood

    just remember, payback is such a bitch and bitch is my middle name (evil wicked laugh)