Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Toon Tuesday: Bully For Bugs

Looney Toons, A Warner Bros. Cartoon, presents Bugs Bunny in Bully For Bugs.

Supposed to get a wee bit of rain Tuesday afternoon, more rain Thursday night, and the weather dood is predicting a fairly wet and windy storm to come in Saturday. Stocked up on supplies at the store today, including a bag of tea lights. They are great to use in my votive holders when the power goes out and I can get a bag of 100 for around $5.00. My battery supply is ok so I can listen to KPIG and Token has learned to follow the flashlight beam when out saving a redwood tree (also known as doing his business) at night during a power failure. I am always thankful that my heater, water heater, and range are gas. Even if the power does go out, I can stay warm, shower, fix dinner and keep my coffee cup filled with hot coffee. We've not had any rain since February 2 and could use a good rainfall. Current rainfall total is 33.38 inches here at the little cottage by the creek in the redwoods of Boulder Creek.

Only peeps who came by the Open House Sunday were neighbors. Sigh.

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