Thursday, December 20, 2007


Temps rising tonight, up to 49.1 from 47.6 two hours ago. It's raining and I just finished my shift at the lake. Tonight, I announced the winner of the Late Late Nite We Fight Back protest song-fest. I'm posting there on alternating nights at 10pm (Pacific). We had over 160 videos submitted and it was hard narrowing down the list to the final vote. Finally had to break down the list into Current; 60's; and Solo Artist. Tonight, the fest closed with the winner of 60's, which also received the most votes.

We are currently sitting at 7-3/8th inches of rain so far this year. The last storm night before last have us 2-1/2 inches and was our biggest rainfall so far. Season is young. I've gotten 6-3/4 inches in one 24 hour period up here and the creek pushes that water downstream pretty darn fast. Starting to come down at a pretty good clip - 1/4 inch so far. Got a big yellow cell sitting over me right now according to the NWS radar.

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