Sunday, December 16, 2007

Super-sizing The Media

I found this over at Crooks & Liars, who found it at United Hollywood, an unofficial blog started by a group of strike captains of the Writers Guild of America (their contributors are both writers and non-writers). Lots of video clips over there - check 'em out.

It really does say exactly what is wrong with the media today and was glad to see clips of Bill Moyer's PBS piece on the FCC in there. If you get a chance to watch Bill Moyer's Journal on PBS, please do so. One of the few places where news is news, not infotainment.

Supposed to maybe get some rain tomorrow. It warmed up a little bit tonight and only got down into the high 30's a little before midnight. Last night, we were approaching freezing by that time. Cloudy skies finally and there is a wispy kinda Scottish moors foggy isolated feel to the park.

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