Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baby, Its Cold Outside

It is 29.6 degrees outside and we are just now getting to the coldest part of the night (or is it considered to be early morning) here at the little cottage by the creek in the redwoods. If it is going to be cold enough to snow, I should at least get some snow (whine whine). Our last rain was a week ago and we only got 1-1/4", bringing the year to date to only 4-1/4". That's a Thanksgiving kind of total and not where we usually are less than two weeks before Christmas. Our high yesterday hit a whooping 47.9. Brrr, baby, its cold outside.

Bailey is all tucked into a circle sleeping on the quilts and comforters on my bed. Token is sleeping in his bed in the chair next to mine, snuggled up to his blankie waiting until we head off join Bailey. Have been staying busy working at the lake, trying to find gifts for those I love, looking for wood at a price I can afford for the fireplace insert, and staying warm. For the first time since I moved up here, I put up a Christmas decoration - a door swag on the front door that I got from the Boy Scouts in town. Tis lovely - made from cedar and pine with frosted tipped pine cones and a big red ribbon and must be 3' long.

Bo Bice and Joan Osborne, Baby It's Cold Outside

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