Saturday, February 10, 2007

Still Raining

Still raining up here. Creek is rising and that is finally pushing out some of the debris from last winter's fallen tree. As you can see in the above picture, there is only one debris pile just past the wood bridge where there used to be two. I heard and saw the now displaced pile as it made its way down creek to where the creek normally narrows on this side of the wood bridge. I know that at least part of it is snagged on the rocks at the narrows because I can see the tail of a large log poking up above the water. It didn't show up as well in the photo, where it is at the bottom - the dark spot to the left of center bottom. More of the pile is snagged on the rocks directly below my deck but they will move easily downstream from there.

I've put out slices of Oatmeal Pumpkin bread that is scrumptious for those visiting from Skippy's place. I didn't add the pecans due to concerns about those with nut allergies.

Make yourself comfortable, feel free to go though my achieves - especially those looking for more pictures of the temperate rain forest I live in or for pictures of Token, Bailey, and/or Token's sister, Goldie, who lives next door. There is political stuff here too.

So far today, we have gotten 1 and 3/4 inches of rain, bringing the year to date rain totals here at the little cottage by the creek in the redwoods to 17 and 1/2 inches. Finally on our way towards last year's 75 inches.

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