Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Squirrel Did It

Squirrels are nothing but rats with a bushier tail. They are always eating. If they are not actively eating, they are on the hunt for something to eat. It appears at least one had a close encounter with my phone line some time before the wee hours of Monday morning.

Haven't posted anything because my phone line became filled with static. I am on a lowly dial-up and the amount of static on the line kept booting me off line. I could barely get to email, much less be able to surf on the web. I totally missed Monday and Tuesday's real time Libby trial coverage over at FireDogLake.

Called the phone company and informed the call taker that based on previous experience, this happens when a squirrel has chewed on the phone line. Right now, the static is intermittent - but if it rains again, I'm off line until the repair guy comes. The phone company assures me it will be before 5pm Friday.

Oh, the joy of waiting for the telephone repairman.

Speaking of rain, my year to date total is 19 7/8 inches. I was at 12 3/4 inches at the start of this last storm system.

The photographer is booked for the listing photo's for this Saturday morning. The little cottage by the creek in the redwoods will officially be for sale and on the MLS and I start the next phase of my life. When it sells, where will I go? I think it will be Oregon but it may be Washington State. May be on the coast or it may be in the coastal mountains. Time will tell.

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