Sunday, January 21, 2007


I still have the cold from hell.

Jane successfully underwent 8 hours of surgery Thursday, recovered in ICU, and was released from the hospital today. Still thinking warm, positive thoughts for her. She has a tough road ahead but she sure is a fighter. How many people do you know that undergo 8 hours of cancer surgery and are released from the hospital less than 72 hours later?

On the home front: The stager was here Friday and I have several pages of notes in the binder about how she wants the furniture, where specific pictures go, etc.

T, my handyman, and I were going to have it all finished today but...

He was a passenger in a roll-over accident last night - was airlifted to a regional medical center with a broken arm and a pretty bad laceration on his head. The driver was drunk from what I hear. Poor T - that man has been working so hard to turn his life around and this kind of bad luck is not what he needs. He has been a good friend to me, helping me out around the little cottage by the creek in the redwoods.

No pictures because its still too friggin cold outside. Has warmed up some during the day but we've been below freezing most every night.

PGE is gonna like me - but they are really just interested in my wallet. I've been using the heater more in the past couple of weeks than I have in the 3 years preceding. The gas bill is gonna be ugly.


  1. The best of them get the worse of luck. How unfortunate for T. Wishing your friend a quick recovery with little pain.

  2. Thank you, lisa. I will pass on your wishes to T.