Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Update Part Deaux

T was discharged from the trauma center Monday afternoon. His right elbow is broken and he is scheduled for surgery Thursday to put in screws. He is nicely doped up, sleeping in the guest room. He looks terrible. I can't tell how many stitches but there is a whole slew of them from the outside corner of his eye into the hairline. No washing of the face until the stitches come out (next week) and there is still a lot of dried blood on his face - hopefully it looks worse than it really is. The CAT scans found no facial fractures but his cheek sure is swollen enough to look like it is broken. Getting a beaut of a shiner too.

He saw the ophthalmologist before being discharged and his vision is intact (woohoo). The docs were surprised that the eye socket bone was not broken. Hopefully, his concussion isn't too bad and he recovers quickly. The scar, however, is gonna be a nasty looking one.

T said the van did not roll - it went into a turn too fast, left the roadway, and center punched a big tree. This was after both T and the other passenger (the van's owner) had told the driver to slow down, that he was going too fast.

I'm sleeping a whole lot. T said that when he had the cold from hell, when he was finally starting to get over it, he came down with the tireds but that only lasted a few days. After that, he was finally over it. Fingers and toes crossed that I'm finally on the downhill side of this nasty cold.

Haven't had any measurable rain since the day after Christmas. Things are looking a little worse for wear - the redwoods are looking a little droopy and we are expecting another freezing or below night tonight. February and March are the months when we usually get the most rain - we sure could use it. Only 11- 3/4 inches year to date - last year's total was 75 inches so there is a lot of catching up to do. Fingers and toes we don't try to catch up all in one storm. That would not be a good thing.

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