Sunday, January 07, 2007

Spocko's Brain Is Back Up

As Spocko would say, hailing frequencies are open. Enterprise to signaler on planet's surface. Identify self. Spocko has the blog back up (with a different server I presume) Go over and check out why Disney/ABC went after the logical one.

The phasers are set to stun and Spocko is beaming information back from the trail of the KSFO/Disney rats, letting the advertisers know how the KSFO crew makes fun of their products and advocates using their products for torture.

Since Spocko began contacting advertisers, several have pulled their accounts from KSFO, including Netflix, Mastercard, Bank of America, and most recently, Visa.

Federal Express, AT&T and Kaiser Permanente are weighing their departure as well. Disney/ABC/KSFO are up in arms at the effect of Spocko's outreach is having on their bottom line.

Logic and practical information does seem to apply here. I've added Spocko's Brain to my blogroll.

1 comment:

  1. Gracias for jour interest een thees story.

    I know that Spocko weeshes he could thank every last bloggerro personally.

    Because of jour help, and the help of many others, Spocko's saga has now been told een the New York Times.

    One theeng I must mention, because I know that Spocko weel not...

    Spocko has placed a PayPal link up at hees site een order to help defray legal and other costs incurred by thees protest.

    Por favor, go show Spocko some support, eh?