Saturday, October 08, 2011

More Pictures

I figured I had better post some more of the pictures taken while Mom was visiting. These are of Jennifer, Mike, Julianna, and the roses Mom bought me.

Jennifer -- I love that smile!

Jennifer, Mike, and their darling creation, Julianna.

Julianna sitting on her play mat holding on to her toy with one hand and her mom's finger with the other.

The roses! They were a total surprise -- Mom borrowed my car on Saturday while I was working with the FDL Membership Engagement Team and she returned with roses! For me! They glow with an almost neon pinkie reddish maroon when the sunlight hit them (or the flash in the picture above).

Here is a picture of the roses taken without the flash.

They smell as good as they look. Thanks Mom!!!


  1. Alright Suz!! Life seems to be great for you and family!! Tucker says W00F W00F to Token....☺ ☺ ☺

  2. You are blessed, Suzanne....

  3. hey nahanter -- how goes with you and your family? token sends a woof and two tail wags to tucker and cyber-sniffs tucker's butt.

  4. hey the robert -- isn't it amazing! tis such a blessing having such a wonderful family.

  5. Tucker says "Boy does that feels good" Ha Ha..
    We are doing pretty damn good Suz, every one is doing great!

  6. LoudounLib9:27 AM

    More wonderful pictures! I'm so glad that you all had a nice time during your Mom's visit. Those roses she gave you are gorgeous, I can almost smell them from here :-)

  7. ll! it was wonderful having mom here and our time together flew by faster than fast! i've never had roses that forking glowed when hit by light -- and they were a slightly spicy smelling rose but not overpowering.

    hard to believe that today is jujube's 6 month birthday. mom's time here flew even faster than baby time has flown.

  8. The roses look great. I realize it's been awhile since I stopped by. Notice the kid's been sitting up for a couple of weeks.

    Time sure flies when you're not paying attention!

  9. hey cujo -- hard to believe she is 6 months old! before we know it, she will be scooting and crawling and taking her first steps....