Monday, October 17, 2011

Jujube Sunset

Spent the afternoon with Jen and Julianna. Forgot my camera -- again. *head hanging in shame*. Thank goodness Jen sent me this photo of Jujube sitting on her mat playing with her toys this evening. She is 6 months and my guesstimate of her weight was 19 lbs 6 oz. She has her 6 month checkup tomorrow so we will find out just how accurate her grammy's guess is :)

When I headed over to Jen's this morning, I saw a large smoke column on the north side of Cape Meares -- a debris burn was my guess. When I got back into town on my way home, the smoke from the controlled burn had settled over town and the air had that shimmery glow from the low angle of the sun reflecting on the smoke particles. I figured tonight's sunset would be grand and I was not disappointed.

When I got home, I watched the sunset and took this shot when it had the most color.

As always, click the picture to biggify it -- there are some spectacular colors!


  1. Lovely as always! Oh, and the sunset was pretty, too. ;-)

  2. lovely granddaughter, lovely sunset!

  3. LoudounLib7:14 AM

    Looks like Jujube has plenty to keep her busy there :-) Such a cutie. Can't believe how fast she's growing up!

  4. We've been having some lovely sunsets lately. It's that time of year...

    Looks like her penguin is Juliana's favorite.

    BTW, the secret to being right on guesstimates is to avoid precision. I'll go with twenty pounds, give or take...

  5. hey ll - i can't either. jen and i were talking yesterday about how much she has grown and developed -- from basically a 'lump' ya fed and changed to what she is now. and i know that 6 months from now, she will be different than she is today. so much personality! soon to be a mobile personality!

    hey cujo -- winter is sunset time for sure.... soon the sun will be setting directly opposite me and that's when i get great forking photos.

    i almost said 20 but i 'weighed' her in my arms again and chose to go slightly under...hence the precision guesstimate :)

  6. Slacker, it's been almost a month since you posted!


  7. busted! dood, i've still got plenty of time before that month gets here and i'm officially declared a slacker

    being busy is my only excuse :(