Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thursday's Fix

Thursday, I went to Portland for the FDL Meetup. I had a great time visiting with the pups who attended -- the pictures I took of the meetup are here. The food at the Goose Hollow Inn was fantastic. We took over almost an entire side of their front deck and time flew by so quickly. Before I knew it, 2 hours had passed and it was time for me to head to Jen's.

After saying goodbye, I drove over to Jen's to visit with her and get my Jujube fix. Mike's daughters, Kayla and Karina, from his first marriage are there for their summer long visit and it was great seeing them again. My goodness, they have grown -- they are 14 and 12 now and are totally teenagers.

Looking at them, I see a lot of resemblance between the girls and Jujube. Here's some pictures of that visit:

I missed seeing Mike's mom, Becky, who had been visiting Jen and Mike this week. She was across town visiting Tim, Mike's brother, and his family when I was at Jen's.

Jen looks wonderful!!! She glows and I can easily see how motherhood agrees with her. Julianna is thriving and is an estimated 10 lbs. now. She's got a lot more head control now and pushes with her strong little legs and was trying to climb Mt. Grammy when I was holding her. Soon, she will be sitting without assistance.

Jen told me that she has decided not to return to work and put in her notice at Mary's Woods. She's going to stay home and be a full time mom -- I'm so happy that she is able to do so. Jen is such a good mom and I doubt any daycare could take care of Julianna as well as Jen does.

Jujube just loves her sisters! She smiles and waves her arms and is really starting to engage with people now. She has the sweetest little personality and I'm enjoying watching her reach each new level of development.


  1. What a little sweetheart!
    I just want to high-five her right back in the first pic.

    Thanks, Suz, it was great to see you Thursday.

  2. hey teddy -- she's even cuter in person :)

    it was great seeing you and patrick thursday -- we need to get together more often dood