Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hippo Birdies Jen!

Today is Jen's birthday. I drove over the coast range to spend the afternoon wtih her and the girls. Took a few pictures, a video, and had a blast. Kayla and Karina made Jen a birthday cake and spelled out her name in hearts on top. They arranged the candles on the cake so it read how many years she was celebrating.

The girls brought the cake to Jen after Mike lit the candles.

Julianna even had a card for her mom.

As did Kayla and Karina.

Here's that video:


  1. ZOMG LOL she's so cute!

    The bebbe's not bad, either. (Ba-dum-dum.)

    No, seriously, you have a beyooteeful daughter and a gorgeous granddaughter, and the girls couldn't be any more wonderful! Total happiness.

    Many, many more to all of you!

  2. today was a day of total happiness and joy dana -- ya can tell by looking at jen that being a wife and mother agrees with her -- she just glows!

  3. LoudounLib3:47 AM

    Love love love the pictures and the video! It looks like a great day of togetherness for you all :-)

  4. hey ll -- it was a fantastic day! jen just glows with happiness and jujube is thriving! kayla and karina are such good kids -- and mike, well mike loves having the house filled with girls and keeping jen happy

  5. I don't think that's quite "speaking" yet. She's giving it a good try, though.

  6. hey cujo -- its for sure a form of communication between mother and child... she was really giving it a go until she saw that her grammy was recording her...