Friday, October 08, 2010


T'was an ugly gray day today so I'm sharing sunsets from earlier in the week instead of bitching about my day and whining about the weather.

Both have a slightly different view -- they were taken from the breakfast room by the front door. Tis directly over the bedroom of the downstairs unit so I don't use it as an office as I had originally planned. Really does have a great view but the living room has the wood stove.

Tuesday's sunset was neon -- you can tell that the setting sun is still hidden behind the stand of trees on the right but it won't be long -- it is moving south daily.

This was Wedsnesday's sunset. Pretty but not as electric as the day before.

I'm sure my take on the day today was colored by being in a very foul mood. I'm sure I'll be in a better mood tomorrow... ok, later today.... and will be back to waxing about the silvery clouds, the sounds of falling rain and the way the trees sway in the wind. Today was a bah humbug kinda day.

As always, click on the pictures to make them bigger.


  1. Boo sucky day! Hooray sunsets! I hope things got much better.

  2. It didn't like my cyberhug html tag. So we'll have to do it this way:


  3. aw thanks dana -- am hopeful today is a better day :)