Monday, October 04, 2010

Baby Lime Moves!

Baby Lime as of Friday.

I drove over the hill to spend time with Jen and Mike Sunday afternoon. Jen looks wonderful! She has a nice baby bump and pictures from her ultrasound Friday for me to coo over. We looked at paint chips for the nursery, with various scenarios pending the results of the testing November 18th that tell her if Baby Lime is a boy or a girl. Mike made a scrumptious chocolate chip cake with vanilla frosting while Jen and I talked babies.

Jen told me the technician at the ultrasound Friday told her she had a very active baby and was surprised that Jen wasn't feeling movement yet. While we were sitting in the living room chatting, she got very still, her eyes got big and in a wonderous voice, she said she thought maybe she felt the baby move. I knelt down beside her and put my hand on her lower belly and we waited...

Sure enough, a minute or two later, I felt a wee little rumble of vibration through my thumb! Mike came over and sure enough, he felt it too. We musta stayed like that for at least 5 minutes, with Jen and I exclaiming did you feel that as we felt Baby Lime move several more times.

Baby Lime was saying howdy to his/her Grams.

Picture is of Baby Lime, head on the right facing the left in profile (isn't that the cutest little nose), chest and tummy, and legs bent at the knees with the feet not visible in this particular image.


  1. Nice Picture Grammy!! Won't be long before you
    Are holding him/her in your arms☺ ☺

  2. Precious bebbe! I loves the nose! And that child is going to have everything - looks, fantastic parents, and an outstanding grandmother! Can't wait to welcome him/her to the world!

  3. thanks nahant -- tis a ways to go before that happens.... she's due in april.

    hey dana -- isn't that the cutest little nose evah?

  4. LoudounLib3:58 PM

    Oh how sweet! I'm glad you had a nice visit with Jen and Mike, and got to make the acquaintance of Baby Lime up close and personal-like ;-)

  5. we had a great visit -- i'm still smiling :)

  6. That is indeed the cutest nose I've ever seen in an ultrasound - and very nearly a miracle, too, as you usually can't even tell there's a bebe in the ultrasound! This child, however, is so photogenic that he/she can even make an ultrasound look good. Which doesn't surprise me, considering his/her genes. ;-)