Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Great Day Off

Another lovely day at the peaceful retreat by the bay. This was taken an hour or so before sunset. The sun was low in the sky and is hidden by the large grove of trees on the right. Was a day with more sunshine than clouds and no rain.

The rhododendrons are blooming. Besides this big one, there are 3 even bigger ones on the other side of the house. I can see their blooms whenever I go into any of the rooms on that side of the house.

Token went to the doggie beauty shop today -- he looks and smells mah-vah-lous. He's been quite full of himself since -- he knows he is looking good and is strutting and prancing around the house. He came home wearing a bright blue bandana with white daisies -- very springlike and it contrasts well with his coloring.

I added shrimp and crab to the leftover cioppino along with some more garlic. Yummy!

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