Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busted Is A Magic Man

Bustedknuckles, The Onery Bastard, is a magic man.

Today was not a good day. Was headed out to spend the afternoon with Busted until I got to my car and saw the right front tire was flat.


Thank goodness for AAA. I called Busted, told him I was running late and that AAA was on the way to fix the flat. The AAA dood showed up, put the spare on, put the flat in the trunk, and I was good to go.

Or so I thought.

Busted and I were gonna meet up in Vancouver and hang out with some friends of his. He gave me excellent directions to the parking lot where we were to meet. I pulled into the lot, turned off the car, and my radiator hose burst, spewing green antifreeze all over the asphalt.


Instead of hanging out with his friends, Busted spent the afternoon finding an unbelievably cheap replacement radiator hose ($9.00 vs the estimated $75.00) and laying on his back fixing my car. Laying underneath my car in antifreeze and lard knows what else was on that hot asphalt parking lot.

Luckily the parking lot was home to a bar that Busted knows, and they were very helpful folks. I ran many pitchers of water between the bar and the car until the radiator was filled back up and then a couple more pitchers to wash down and dilute the antifreeze on the ground, and, of course, bought Busted a beer.

Holy moly -- let me tell ya this: Busted may call himself an Onery Bastard but he really is a gentleman and a dayam fine mechanic. His magic hands had that busted hose off quicker than lickity split -- putting the replacement on took a while longer. He also gave my engine a quick once over, found another problem, made a temporary fix and told me it would get me home. Told me to make an appt with my local mechanic to fix the temporarily fixed problem (another hose of some sort) and that I needed a front end alignment.

He's a magic man.

Heart -- Magic Man.

Yes, his eyes really are that blue :)


  1. hey newton -- i wudda been up a creek without a paddle if busted hadn't been there

    geez louise, did i luck out in that regard

  2. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Smooches for Busted! Glad you got it working for now. What a cool tale!

    Terry Olson

  3. hey terry -- he really is a great guy beneath that onery exterior.

  4. So nice when you need help and there's someone there.

    My friend and I have helped so many and it's nice to be able to do that. The complaint is they never come around unless they need help.

    Good on Busted!!!

  5. LoudounLib5:25 AM

    Busted is a gentleman and a good friend -- what a great guy to have around when you needed him!

  6. hey one fly -- we were supposed to be having fun dangrabbit -- busted really is a fine mechanic -- so fine that if i lived closer, i would insist on him being my mechanic. would bribe him with homemade goodies: cookies, cake, chicken paprika, etc.

    hey ll -- he really is a good guy -- and his eyes really are the most amazing blue.

  7. Busted shows just shows what a great person he is Suz... Can't wait to see him & his 'ahem' girl friend when I get up that way...

  8. hey nahant -- when ya headed up?

  9. Anonymous9:18 PM

    What a great story. I would have done the same for you, only I don't know how to fix cars. ;-)

    Gnome de Plume (I learned your little trick)

  10. Before July I hope.. Things got a bit hectic around here lately..

  11. aw thanks gnome -- the only thing i know how to fix on a car is the empty gas tank.

    glad ya figured out the trick :)

    nahant -- kewlio -- hope to see ya then dood

  12. I'm just glad it happened in the parking lot and not in the middle of the highway out in the sticks. I am also glad I carry that little crescent wrench every day, that thing has saved my ass several times.
    Glad ya made it home safe and sound too. When Nahant comes around, give me a heads up.
    Smooches, Busted.

  13. hey busted -- i sure will do so, babe

    *smooches back atcha*

  14. Elliott7:32 PM

    Busted, the AAA gentleman busted.

  15. hey ellie -- he surely is -- hope i have not damaged his carefully crafted reputation as an onery bastard...

  16. Another legend falls - That'll teach ya to be a helpy helper, Busted.


  17. hey db -- i'm sure it was just an anomaly and that he is back to his usual onery crankypants self again