Friday, September 12, 2008

Where I Am Now

These are pictures I took from where I am now - just north of Newport, Oregon. The views are not from the cozy cottage on the coast - I walked down the road (it turns to gravel about 50' from the cottage) taking pictures along the way down to the beach. I did not go down the path to the beach - so no pictures of the little secret waterfall. With this fake knee, I don't dare try to cross over all the washed up logs at the end of the path.

This is the view to the southwest, from the bluff.

More ocean views the further I walk.

Closeup view of the rocks offshore.

Surf crashing on the rocks offshore as seen through the trees - also a closeup.

Up on the bluff, the surf sounds like wind.

The logs blocking the beach at the end of the path. This is from the bluff above and does not show the logs extending in both directions
.Looking down watching the people on the beach.


  1. Beautiful!

    Expect to see many, many more pics.;)

  2. thanks margot - i head up to the new place 10/1 so figure there will a few more taken here - and lots more up there (laughing)

  3. I enjoyed this. Bring some more.