Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On The Road Again

I'm gonna be On The Road Again for the next several days - Thursday will find me headed down to get Token, the cutest dog in the world (9lb category) and Bailey the skittish cat.

Should be back early part of next week - am taking the laptop with me so if I find free wifi, I may be able to post something - not counting on it (laughing).

Canned Heat - On The Road Again.


  1. Hope you have lots of room in the car. Cats aren't always the best driving companions.

  2. Reunion!
    all tailwagging and purrs.

  3. thanks, pups. token and bailey did fine in the soft sided with mesh inserts car carrier i bought for the trip. i let down the backseat so it was level, filled a small water bucket for them and they were fine.

    misery loves company? i dunno but bailey, who usually vocalizes her displeasure during car trips was the quieter of the two. token made sure i knew when it was time for him to save a tree (laughing). bailey let me put a leash on her and let me walk her - once - but she was too skittish about strange places and noises to enjoy the walk.