Sunday, January 20, 2008

No No Song

Ringo Star, singing the No No Song, a great Hoyt Axton tune.

Santa Cruz Emergency Management's automated phone warning system was activated yesterday afternoon. I got a robocall advising me of expected very low temps starting today, warning me to protect animals, plants and pipes.

I got up to a whooping 46 today and we are expected to get down into the 20's, maybe even the low 20's tonight. There is a chance of low elevation snow if everything lines up as expected but (whine whine whine) only down to around the 1,000 to 1,500 foot level. I am at 627 feet. Dayam. No fair getting the cold without any white stuff. Been drizzling off and on (mainly off) today.

Weather dood said it will be this way through Wednesday and possibly Thursday. Gonna be very cranky if I get snow temps with no snow. Very cranky indeed.

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  1. Shadow is three months and 9 pounds. All heart and attitude, she'll probably get to about 20 pounds of pure terror. She likes to be outside but I don't think that 20 degree weather will be acceptable.

    Especially without any snow.