Friday, January 25, 2008

I Won

I won this CD last night during KPIG's Fresh Pork segment. I was the correct caller when the second song from this CD was played and I won! I am so jazzed!!! (as CT would say) KPIG has been playing two songs from it every night this week and I really wanted to win - the ear candy on this is awesome.

From Amazon's editor review of the CD:

The blues-rock guitar hero's studio vaults were nearly empty when he died in an August 27, 1990, helicopter crash. This set unearths a 1978 Austin session track of "You Can Have My Husband" with Vaughan as second fiddle to his then girlfriend, singer Lou Ann Barton, but it's undistinguished compared to the previously unreleased live performances that compose this disc's heart. Vaughan contributes teeth-baring pentatonic solos to Lonnie Mack's "Oreo Cookie Blues" at Atlanta's Fox Theatre in 1986 and brings his bullish tone to the late blues piano stomper Katie Webster's "On the Run" at the 1988 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Bonnie Raitt's distinctively keening slide adds elegance to a "Texas Flood" from Bumbershoot 1985 in Seattle, and when Stevie's older sibling Jimmie Vaughan stops by Saturday Night Live to play rhythm on a 1985 "Change It," li'l bro' squeezes out screaming fireworks. But the best cut's a breathtaking '88 Jazz Fest slugfest with Texas Telecaster blaster Albert Collins that's jammed with howling, shaken notes and machine-gun riffing. Both are in top form. The rest is culled from Vaughan's guest appearances on others' releases or previous retrospectives and include matches with blues godfathers B.B. King and Albert King, as well as Johnny Copeland and A.C. Reed, Jeff Beck, Austin barrelhouser Marcia Ball, surf guitar king Dick Dale, and David Bowie, whose "Let's Dance" introduced Vaughan to the mainstream in 1983. --Ted Drozdowski

I bolded the reason I wanted this CD - here is the UTube for that slugfest.

UPDATE 4pm: Got 3.68" inches since midnight. Creek is rising about a foot an hour but it is also pushing that water out pretty dayam fast and I'm still high and dry.

1 comment:

  1. Nice Score!!
    Another satisfied listener.
    It's hard to believe Stevie been gone 18 fuckin' years already.
    That was a tragic loss.
    I will have to check that one out.
    My stereo has been fucked since my ex dismantled it and boxed up all my albums and gave my receiver/amp to the boy six years ago.
    That is SO gonna change this year.
    Bigger, Badder and LOUDER!