Friday, September 21, 2007

New Hair

Today, I had my hair cut. Short. It had been down to my waist. When I was married to ex #2, I was prohibited from trimming it more than 1/4" - women's hair was to be long. The ex did measure to make sure that 1/4" only rule was not broken. After I found out about his adultery with our next door neighbor, I cut it short as a visible sign of my independence from him and his rules.

I then proceeded to grow it long - because I wanted to - not because I was told that I had to. I long ago proved my point - my hair reached my waist. I would occasionally whack a couple inches off it with my scissors but kept it long, always pulled back into a bun or a ponytail - and I started to think seriously about cutting it several months ago.

Yesterday, I did a consult with a beautician in town - we went over the hair books - and came up with a style and made an appointment for today.

It is a long shag in the back, to shirt collar length, with layers that flip up at the ends - and then cut shorter around my face - I can finger comb it back and make it look shorter or can just let it fall where it will. The cut requires no products, no styling techniques - in short, it is the perfect kinda of hair style for me.

My computer for some reason is not speaking to my digital camera (or visa versa - I'm not sure of which) but when I get their differences mediated, I'll put up a picture. For the time being, think of a cross between Halle Berry and Twiggy with a little Dorothy Hamel tossed in.


  1. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Ah ha, thank you for the commenting tips ;-)

    I bet you are totally loving your new 'do! It sounds fabulous!

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