Monday, September 17, 2007

Less Than One Month

My birthday is less than one month away which means it is now socially acceptable to say what I want, need, desire, and/or covet.

Bakeware. When I moved up here, an entire box of my kitchen things disappeared. All my pots and pans, cookie sheets, cake pans, pie plates, bread tins, muffin/cupcake trays - poof. Mixing bowls. Rubber spatulas. My grater. My rasp for grating nutmeg and cinnamon (and is also great for creating lemon zest). An offset spatula for frosting cakes. A springform pan for cheesecakes, tortes, and other goodies. Wood spoons. Thank goodness I only had a cheap handheld electric mixer to be lost instead of my yet to be acquired dream mixer.

Lets face it, the replacement 7 piece cookware set I got at KMart for $39.00 is not even close at being sufficient.

Slippers and heavy socks. They seem to appear on every list in direct proportion to the increase in my age - I get older and my toes get colder.

Flannel jammies. Ditto. Last year I got two sets of scottie dog jammies - this year I'm thinking plaid. Jammies with pockets get extra brownie points.

Cookbooks. Especially baking cookbooks.

Potholders - mine are pretty ratty looking.

Coffee bean grinder - so my fresh cup of coffee is really fresh.

Other than the whole staying warm bit, looks like 53 is going to be the year of the kitchen.

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