Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Sis

Today is my sister's 49th birthday. Sherry lives in Tuscon, Az and told me that I had to say something nice since it was her birthday.

Something nice.

She says new experiences are good for me.

This is a picture of her when she was only a month old. I believe this was taken right about the time I discovered turning over her crib - with her in it - was lots of fun.

Sherry and I have fought since the day mom and dad brought her home from the hospital and I tried to convince them to take her back and leave her there. They would not - so I did the 3 year old equivalent of "let the war games begin".

But through all our fights, our slammed doors, the ripped off outfits, the love between us has endured, deepened, and grown stronger. I know that she is just a phone call away and if needed, she would be on the road to me , where ever I am, no questions asked. Ditto for me to her.

Happy Birthday Sherry. Next year - the big 50 awaits and you only have a year to plan that party.

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