Monday, June 11, 2007

Favorite Pic

This is one of my favorite pictures of me as a kid. I remember it pretty well. My dad was stationed in New Orleans at the time (shore duty). We were living in Algiers in a double barreled shotgun. I can recall my mom setting my hair the night before with socks instead of rollers because they were easier to sleep on. I recall disagreeing with that assessment that next morning.

If I remember correctly, this was first grade. The fetching outfit I am wearing was one my mother made. Love the pintucks on the bodice.

Dance lessons - tap, ballet and acrobat (now called gymnastics). Mrs. Roebishaw lived in the other half of our shotgun and she made squash that I loved. Have yet to find a recipe like it - imagine a 6 year old liking yellow squash. My little brother was born while we were in New Orleans. Being able to walk down to the corner store for the first time, like the other big kids. Getting the measles - 3 times in one year and giving them (accidently) to my little sister (3) and my 6 week old brother.

Just some memories I wanted to share along with the picture.

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