Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Token Tuesday

It has been several months since I have done a Token Tuesday. With thanks to Jacqrat for help with the picture selection, here is the cutest dog in the world in full grump mode. I took this yesterday afternoon out on the deck - he was not cooperating is a polite way of describing the process.

Since Jacqrat does not have Bravo's picture posted anywhere (for quick linking when we are all comparing animal companions), I've included Bravo's picture here for Jacqrat's linkage. Bravo is a chow/pit mix and Jacqrat describes her as adorable. Just look at those eyes!

I think Bravo's head is bigger than Token. Bravo is a chow/pit mix and Token is a mix of toy poodle and lhasa apso (mom) and scottie and yorkie(dad). Bravo weighs 65 lbs and Token weighs in at 8 lbs.

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