Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nothing Much - Just Got Engaged

That is what my first born, Jennifer, said last night on the phone. She called a little after 8pm, unusual for a Wednesday night. Her response was to my asking what was up. Mike proposed during dessert after they had dinner at Jen's Dad's home. Mike brought her desert plate and, instead of dessert, there was a box from the jeweler's. Mike got down on one knee and in front of her father, asked her to marry him.

Awwwwwwwww. Makes me tear up just thinking about it.

Of course, I asked for details and pictures so here are the camera phone shots. She says of the pictures:

My phone can only take semi-blurry pictures. Dad took some pics but I’m sure I wont get them until he learns how to download them.

You can describe the ring to whomever you are sending to: ½ carat center stone with ¼ carats as side stones with 2 more diamonds in the band on each side. 7 total.

This one is a little better. You can see the 2 diamonds in the band

I once described Jennifer as being born with a hairbrush in one hand and a telephone in the other - which she was using to plan her wedding. In response to the buttload of questions I fired off to her in an email this morning (I was too happy and surprised to think last night) she says:

Ok, so this is what I know.

We are getting married in May 2008, no specific date yet. That all depends on the girls last day of school next year.

The wedding will semi-formal with green and orange as the colors. (pastels). It will have an Irish theme & bag pipes. The wedding will be outdoors with the reception indoors. We are thinking of having it in a hotel but that is just an idea. We aren’t sure of the time of day but we are thinking that we want it around sunset. Getting married during the day and the reception will be at night.

So I immediately asked the obvious question and this was her response:

And NO Mike will NOT be wearing a kilt.


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  1. Ok, change to the previous post.

    I want to elope! Weddings are so hard to plan and then when you have have a budget that you have to go, it just make things worse.

    MOM, win the lotter and pay for my wedding. Thank you.

    Ok, ok, pay your house off and then pay for my wedding. ;)

    Ok, seriously... Wedding is May 31, 2008 at 4:00 PM. Reception immediatly following at the Radisson Hotel in Dublin.

    Bring some money for the money dance, I want a honeymoon.