Friday, March 17, 2006


Token Posted by Picasa

This is a picture of my dog, Token, taken on the day I got him. He was 8 weeks old and weighed 2lbs 4oz. He is now 13 months and weighs 7lbs. Token is a genuine immitation male here at the Estrogen Palace, which does kind of explain his name. In addition to being the only full time male resident, Token is pretty small but thinks he is a big dog. Loves to run and play with his sister, Goldie, who lives next door. They are a real interesting mix of breeds, with Token looking like their dad, Spud, and Goldie looking like their mom, Pager.


  1. Now is when you join and it makes it easy (free) to add all of your faves and it lets them know that you read them. Most of them are too stuck up to acknowledge it, but the do appreciate it.

    Then you have to find material. Some days I'm so disgusted I can't find anything I want to immortalize in print.

  2. Just to be clear here, Debra, I am appealing to your inner geek for all them tricks!

  3. I'm dropping off fresh clam chowder for Kevin around noon. Will drop by with your portion and to show off to Naomi soon after.

  4. Sorry I never made it, not feeling the best.

    I would like to take credit for naming Token. You were going to name him Tim after the painter, and I said call him what he is: the token imitation male in the house.

    Tim never really forgave me for that did he?