Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oh My Goodness

I've been blogrolled! My friend Debra, mentioned in the be low post, has listed TTGB on her blogroll.

I gotta remember to ask her to show me how to blogroll. In the mean time, here is the link to her blog,

and in case the link doesn't work (I'm not real good at it yet)cut and paste:


  1. Was sick all night, like you need to know that, what would be really cool is if you would bring your tower to my house where we can do everthing at cable speed instead of modem and it won't take as long.

    I won't be back before this eve, and remember. I need music for the pod. My list on Itunes is worth more than my checking acct.

    And i just got started.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Am not going anywhere until after the 1st... too much month at the end of the money again.

    Next time I have planned on going over the hill is when I pay my mortgage which won't be until 4/19. If I get over that way before then, I'll try to remember and coordinate it with you so that I can bring the tower.

  3. ok, we can do it in slo mo, I'll show you how to dupe the template, we'll make the changes and voila'

    At least that is the plan. I run out of money on the first week of the month, sometime around noon on the first. Makes the other 30 some odd days extremely interestingl.

  4. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Hey Suzanne!
    Congratulations on doing the blog thing. I stopped by to check it out. Cool! My computer crashed, so I have to do it at the Rainbow's End. My blog place is
    if you want to check it out. I warn you, it's ZANEY in there!!You take good care!


  5. Sounds like my mama is making friends via the internet again...sigh. :)

    I got me an iPod too! (I'm mentioning this because Debra is talking about her "pod" and I think that is what she is talking about. Am I wrong?) Its WAY fun and I am (of course) spending too much money at the iTunes store.

  6. Jen, that's my friend Ben, a musician here in town. He is many times playing the piano at the Rainbow and I have one of his CD's.