Friday, March 11, 2011


Sorry for not updating earlier... when we got home late this morning, I didn't have an internet connection so i tried to sleep instead since I had been up for 24 hours or so.

No damage here that I can see. The water I saw driving home on the roadway appeared to be from rainfall and not a surge.

It sure felt good to crawl into bed and tonight I am sure it will feel even better now that I've got some food in my belly.

We dodged a big one here on the coast. It was good practice in any event. I realized that loading the car took me longer than it should have and that I should not have stacked stuff by the door to take down all at once. I would have been better served to taken them down to the car as soon as they were packed up.

The critters and I are fine.


  1. welcome home! So glad you and the critters are safe 'n sound.

  2. So glad you're home safely, Suzanne.

    We're putting our GO-bag together this weekend, if anyone has a good resource for how to assemble one.

  3. thanks ndfg -- tis good to be home again.

    teddy, your goback is the same as your sf earthquake bag... meds, things you will need if you have to evacuate due to any natural disaster (or man-made one).

    in ca they called it your earthquake bag, up here i've learned its called a gobag. pretty much the same thing just called a new name.

  4. fork.. not goback.. gobag.. forking typo my bad

  5. Glad you didn't have to stay away too long. Looks like there was a little damage to the south (a few boats damaged or destroyed) and a couple of folks caught out on the beaches who were rescued.

    I just hope folks down there continue to take it seriously. As long as they do, they'll work out the kinks in procedures as they learn more.

  6. it was a great practice for me cujo -- first time i've had to actually evacuate from anywhere. i learned a few lessons that will shave time off any future events and other timing issues.

  7. Marion in Savannah2:28 PM

    Dug around a bit "under the hood" at FDL and found your own blog. I must have misunderstood your e-mail addy that you left in your voice mail because my e-mail to you bounced. (The number you were calling is my work number, which I generally use because that's where I'm to be found during working hours.) Maybe e-mail would be the easier way for us to communicate?!? You can find me at mgpaquin AT aol DOT com. I see that as of 3:46 EDT there are 492 members!

    Token is adorable!