Thursday, February 03, 2011

More Baby Shower

I totally blew it with my last post -- I neglected to include Jessica as a co-host. Jessica is also pregnant (she's 10 weeks behind Jen) and found out the weekend of the shower that she is also having a baby girl.

Lining up for the great food. Was quite a spread of goodies to choose from and it was all delicious.

Raspberry Pink lemonade with frozen raspberries and lemon slices. Was as good as it looked and I had several refills.

Tis a better shot of the diaper cake than the close up of the flower topping I posted yesterday.

Me, Jen, and Stephanie. Sure was good to be with both my girls again. And it feels great knowing that things are ok between us.

Tomorrow, Jen will have a new size descriptor for Baby Julianna. Last week she was a butternut squash... wonder what she will be this week?


  1. Huzzah! Knew things would work out okay!

    What a great shower - love the fountain! So beautiful, all of it. Whatever fruit or veggie Julianna turns out to be, at least her bash was a perfect bowl of cherries!

    (Okay, that was lame. I'm not good with the fruit metaphors!)

    Tell Jen she's got my permission to whack size descriptor writers over the head if they bring watermelons into it. I'll hold them still for her. ;-)

  2. (laughing) after she gets done with them, it would be my turn dana. i remember how i freaked out when someone mentioned a bowling ball as a size descriptor when i was pregnant with her.

  3. My guess is Spaghetti Squash for this week.

    So glad to hear things have worked out well with your wonderful, caring daughters.

    NOW: about that quitting smoking, madame!

    *taps foot*

  4. That punch is real pretty!

  5. Great News Suz ☺☺☺ Glad you & your girls have mended fences and are once again a happy family... Never fun but always remember you all ARE Family!!
    And as for the smoke stack ... well I am with Teddy tapping foot...

  6. ya'll gotta give me some time folks -- i need to recover from my huge fail before i am willing to try again

    baby julianna isn't a spaghetti squash this week. i'll have a post up sometime later with this week's size descriptor

    dang, all that foot tapping going on between you guys -- are ya using that larry craig foot tapping code?

  7. Whoa now Suz.... Teddy and I care about you sis.. But I won't divulge our contacts....

  8. Glad to see ya smiling Suz ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

  9. LoudounLib8:57 PM

    More great pics Suz, looks like the shower was lots of fun for all. And the best news is that you and the girls are all okay with each other! Yay! Love that pic of the three of you.

  10. thanks ll -- i would much rather be taking the pictures than to be in them

  11. LoudounLib9:02 PM

    Aw, c'mon now, you look great there -- as do Jen and Steph. I just can't get over how radiant Jen looks, and she has an awesome smile.

    Whenever you decide to quit smoking, you have my full support. I still smoke (since age 16!) and I know I want to quit some day, but I'll do it when I'm ready and I know you will too.

  12. thanks ll -- wed i was ready and was able to do the cold turkey thing for 2 days... i have faith that when the time is right, it will happen -- for both of us

  13. LoudounLib9:06 PM


    Off to bed, working the weekend, will read LLN over my morning coffee!

  14. g'nite ll -- hope ya enjoy it with your morning cuppa