Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunset Through My Window

The view from where I sit at the computer. That's the finch feeder Teddy gave me hanging on the pole at the corner of the deck.

The bank of 3 windows -- the center is the best for viewing the bay and sunsets -- the view out the 3rd is mainly the stand of trees you see framing the right side of a lot of my pictures.

A close up of the after sunset glow.

Finally, one that was not taken from inside -- this is from the deck just outside the front door -- showing the last of the fading glow

It cold out there taking it. Scurried backside and stood next to the blazing wood stove trying to warm up.


  1. If I had that view, I'd probably never get anything done ever again. I'd be too busy staring in constant slack-jawed amazement.

    Thanks for braving the cold so we could see it, too!

  2. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Å wealth of views, Suz. Every single day is a new delight.

    LH Aka Terry.

  3. the key to my success is not starting work until 8pm. in summer, its not an issue since the sun sets further north and is hidden behind those trees on the right.

    gotta admit tho, watching the birds on the bay, bands of rain coming across it towards me, and the occasional clammer or kayaker in the daytime sure does cause me to lose track of time.

  4. thanks terry -- the view is constantly changing -- and i think the changiness of it is what i love the most.

  5. tis mesmerizing watching the bay through the windows teddy