Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Summer on the Oregon Coast is just around the corner according to the weather doods. I would give ya the temps but my weather station has completely died after many years of service -- a few months ago it quit recording the rainfall totals but still showed indoor and outdoor temps and now nothing. I put in new batteries but still zip, zero, zilch on the screen.

My peony thinks it is spring and is blooming again. This plant has never done an additional bloom after the regular early spring bloom.

The weather doodette on my local news says high clouds are moving in ahead of a week front coming in tomorrow but that this weekend will be sunny, mainly dry, and warmer.


  1. Welcomed to Oregon Sunshine Suz... Ya should be getting used to it by now... Has been fairly cool down here also... Only hit 90 once so far...

  2. i like the cooler temps up here -- since i carry my own personal summer around with me, i don't need extra *laughing*

    weather dood is saying it is very likely that portland will not hit 90 this summer

  3. My daughter who is in Portland was telling me that on fathers day... Oh well it IS Oregon after all...

  4. Anonymous6:14 PM

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  5. Strange that your peonies are blooming again. I guess that early start felt like last year to them.

    I'd be fine if the temperatures never get higher than 90F this summer. I had enough of 90-plus weather last year.

  6. i'm good with no 90's myself cujo -- i carry enough of my own personal summer around with me that i don't need extra heat.

    the bloom isn't as big -- tis saucer sized compared to the dinner plate size usual blooms. size must not matter -- it looks and smells magnificent.