Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cry, Baby

Janis Joplin, on tour in Canada, 1970, giving her all to Cry, Baby.

Came back from being gone during the open house - found there were 4 sets of visitors - maybe one maybe sorta kinda interested (but with a lot of if's and buts) and the rest lookie-loo's. The counter offer to the engineer was rejected and that is now officially dead.

Oh yeah, my water heater is leaking - after I just paid $822 to the feds for taxes. Cry, Baby.


  1. Well shit, shit and double shit, that sucks.
    Especially since I could change the Hot water heater for ya for the price of a beer.

  2. thanks, busted. i had my neighbor look and it said it is leaking from the bottom so its gonna need to be forking replaced.

    fork fork and double fork - hell, if you were my neighbor, i would even toss in a meal.