Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spiffying Up

Spiffied up the place a wee bit - finally updated my blogroll on the right hand sidebar.

I bet ya'll thought it would be weeks or even months.


  1. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Well looks like another visit to CA is in order! Yes it is the ex-son incyberlaw. Rsq3Medic! We are on our way out the SoCal, LA on Sunday to have Janice (the tumor) extracted from the wife's brain. Hope your holiday's go well. Tell the girls I said hi and keep a thought out for us this week! BTW even though this is a serious trip I have to find me an In / Out burger joint..LOL

  2. mileo - be sure to ask for a double double animal style

    thinking positive thoughts about janice's demise from the woman who is not my daughter yet is inexplicitly your wife - seriously, i will be thining warm postive healing thoughts towards a successful extraction.

    huggies to you both