Monday, May 28, 2007

May Daze

My goodness, May is almost over and June is just around the corner. My oldest baby girl turns 30 in June. Time seems to pass faster the older I get. I've been keeping the house poifect and have what seems like a gazillion showings - in reality there are 37 real estate agent business cards in the basket and several agents have not left cards. Puts me in the range of 50 showings. My mother keeps saying it only takes one but the one I'm looking for is a cash buyer - due to it being a stock cooperative traditional mortgage financing is not available.

Memorial Day - I keep thinking of my father's 20 years of service in the Navy, my sister joining the Navy when she turned 18 and how fearful I am that youngest baby girl will join the Air Force. For now, she is saying she is going to go to college first but I still worry. She graduated high school this week and just returned from the Senior Class trip to Disneyland.

I'm enjoying the eye candy while I can. I took picture about 20 minutes or so ago - from my deck looking towards the bridge.

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