Thursday, October 05, 2006


I see the tubes unclogged! Golly gee wiz, it was a week ago that I was trying to post that Lamont/Ferris Bueller ad and the post poofed. Twice! Whatever unplugged the tubes certainly worked because they both showed up. A week later.

It is raining. Real rain. Not that drizzle crap but an honest to goodness quarter of an inch so far. Soothing but yet another reminder that I've not moved yet. I could sure use a pinch of good luck about now. My fingers and toes are cramping from being my crossing them for so long.

I've not posted about the Foley fiasco yet. Been trying to keep my blood pressure down but will say that it is not the crime that gets ya - its the cover up.

Just like it did in Watergate, the criminal cabal at the head of this Administration is going down.

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