Thursday, June 12, 2008

Smoke On The Water

Update 5:36pm: Not smelling smoke so much but it is still pretty hazy outside. Haven't gone into town today but have been checking the KSBW fire map which now shows the burn area, evacuated areas and road closures.

Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water (Live, 1973)

Smell of smoke in the air - am staying inside holed up where it is cooler and less smoky - imagine me avoiding smoke (laughing). Am not seeing the smoke column from the fire here - I noticed yesterday that it was clearly visible from town but not from my little protected valley where it is hidden by the redwoods on the south side of my cottage. I am smelling the fire which I was not doing last night. Stayed up most of the night monitoring and fell asleep this morning to the local news coverage. Slept fitfully but I did sleep :) Token is holed up next door with Goldie, Bailey is laying on the front step and then comes in to let me know that she is displeased.

Here is the CalFire Incident page for the Martin fire - started on Martin Road and is only near Highway 9 if looking at a zoomed out map:

Location: Bonny Doon and Martin Road, near Hwy 9
Acres Burned: 700 acres
Containment 5% containment - 700 acres
Threatened: 1,000 residences, 50 commercial properties and 50 outbuildings are still threatened.
Evacuations: Evacuations in effect for Ice Cream Grade Road, Martin Road, Moon Rock Road, Smith Grade and Pine Flat Road.
Cause: Under Investigation
Cooperating Agencies: Santa Cruz Sherrifs Office, CO, RDS, Office of Emergency Services, California Highway Patrol, Local Government Fire Departments, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Pacific Gas & Electric
Total Fire Personnel: 719 (582 CAL FIRE)
Fire crews: 21 (17 CAL FIRE)
Engines: 69 (54 CAL FIRE)
Airtankers: 11
Helicopters: 7 (5 CAL FIRE)
Dozers: 9
Water tenders: 10

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