Saturday, June 21, 2008

Riding With The King

BB King and Eric Clapton - Riding With The King.

Another hot forking day :( Town hit 104 and here it was 98 forking degrees in the shade again. Too forking hot for someone who carries around her own personal summer - I have no need of additional triple digits.

Had an agent from my agent's office call early Friday afternoon and we set an appointment for a showing. They were here for about 15 or 20 minutes - about average I guess. My agent will get with her and get feedback - probably Sunday. Had another agent from a Santa Cruz realtor call Friday night and set up a showing for Saturday early afternoon.

Been watching tv coverage of the Trabing Fire which was allegedly started by an arsonist traveling northbound on Highway 1 between Watsonville and Aptos setting fire to the grasses along side the freeway. Five fires were started and they have merged into one. Homes and other structures have been lost. 2,000 evacuated from the area. The link is to the firemap.

Third forking fire in Santa Cruz County in 2 months. Descriptions of the fire scene on the news included describing the forest as August or September dry and it's just the start of the fire season. Lard love a duck, I do not look forward to this fire season. I've had one fire to the east-south-east (Summit Fire), the southwest (Martin Fire) and now the Trabling Fire also south and east of me.

It is forking dry outside.In 2005/06, we got our average rainfall: 75 inches. 2006/07, we got 29 inches and 2007/08's rain season gave us 38 inches. Sure could use some rain.

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