Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fire On The Mountain

Marshal Tucker Band with Fire On The Mountain.

Yep, the mountain is on fire to the south and west of me. Here's the firemap (updated regularly) by the San Jose Mercury News. The closed roads are in red - Alba Road comes into Highway 9 about 3 miles south of me is why it looks worse than it is. The actual fire is in Bonnydoon and runs a risk of blowing onto the UCSC campus if the winds blow that way. I'm pretty safe here - the fire would have to blow through several towns (Ben Lomond, Brookdale and downtown Boulder Creek) before it gets to me. Click on the terrain option at the upper right to see the topography of the land between here (Boulder Creek - Highway 9 and Bear Creek Road)

I've got an evacuation plan and will head to Jen's with the critters for an emergency overnight but would head to Anne's from there if its a long term deal. All planning for the for worst and hoping for the best.

The showing this afternoon - 'not what she was looking for'. Oy.

Update: 03:53am - The Santa Cruz Sentinel has a good article about the fire with photos and video here.

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