Sunday, June 01, 2008

Photos from Wedding

The photos from the wedding are slowly dribbling in. The first batch to arrive came from Alicia, Jen's step-sister.

Check out this picture of Jen and my two new granddaughters Kayla sitting down on the left and Karina standing to the right - just before we went down to the ceremony in the gazebo:

I love that photograph!

This is Jen and Mike, the girls, and Jen's Dad's family:

And this is Stephanie, my baby girl, holding Gabby during the reception. Gabby fell asleep on Stephanie's chest.

The former Meddling Mother of The Bride is now a mother-in-law to a wonderful man and gamma to two precious little girls. I am putting my feet up and relaxing, enjoying the sounds of silence punctuated by phone calls from Stephanie. She's on the road, driving back to Utah.


  1. Awesome Pics! Congrats Gamma! ;-)

  2. Love the photos. We miss you!

  3. thanks ct - i'm forking old now - its official (laughing)

    margot, i went over and visited. where were you???

  4. Beautiful pix! Congrats!

  5. What a beautiful bride you've got there, Suz!

    Congratulations all over the place!